The Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

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When examining a household’s energy budget, up to 30% of it is consumed by heating water. Traditionally water heaters continuously heat water in a tank for use in the shower, dishwasher, kitchen, and sinks. This inefficient heating process occurs regardless if water is actually being used. New tankless setups are designed to heat water only when there is a demand for it meaning less energy is wasted heated water that isn’t being used. Whether you are looking to replace a dated or broken unit, or building a new home, here are the benefits to running a tankless water heater system:

Size: Tankless units are more compact and are available in a range of sizes best suited for individual rooms or entire houses. Exam your appliances and fixtures and calculate your total need to determine the best unit for your family.

Fuel Type: Both electric and gas (natural and propane) models are available. If looking at electric, check that your current system meets the requirements for voltage and amperage.

Rebates: Check with your local utility companies as they man offer incentives, rebates, or tax credits for installing the system. Make sure to research all of them.

Utility Bills: Being a more efficient system, tankless water heaters will lower your monthly utility bills as they consume less energy. Tankless system can be 24 to 34 percent more efficient than your old traditional system.

Endless Hot Water: Due to the fact that the water is heated as you need it, there is an endless supply of hot water. A tank system is limited by the capacity of the tank.

Control: Tankless systems offer more accurate temperature control.

Longer Lasting: The newer systems last 5 to 10 years longer than tank systems.

Flooding: There is no possibility of flooding or damage resulting from a ruptured or failed tank.

Switching to a tankless system that delivers hot water only when you need it typically saves a family more than $80 per year, or $1,700 over the lifetime of the water heater, on gas bills compared to a standard storage model. Larger families could see even larger savings. Don’t suffer through a cold shower when you’re the last one to get out of bed. A new tankless model could ensure you get all the hot water you need while saving money and Earth’s precious resources.


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