Easily Make Your Toilet A Smart Toilet

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Most people know that the toilet is one of the home appliances that uses the most water. There is now a product that will help consumers save money on their water bills by conserving water with a smarter flush.  I am talking about making your latrine a dual flush system.  These units have been very popular in Europe, but are relatively new in the US. The ingenious HydroRight product lets you transform your ‘dumb’ flusher into a system that uses less water for liquids, and more water for solids.

Four out of five flushes are for liquid and paper, so as of right now you are already being extremely wasteful.  I’ll say it again. 80% of the time you are using more water than you need! Simply replace the setup in your current toilet, change out the existing handle, and begin saving.  It’s estimated that these units can save a home with a family of four up to 15,000 gallons of water and $100 dollars per year, at a cost of under $25.  It’s a no brainer and the install for this device is simple.  It only takes removing the flapper and handle, and replacing them with the components in the HydroRight kit (no special tools are necessary). Check out the video below for more information about the install, and if you already own this unit tell us about it in the comments.


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