Throw Away Your Refrigerator That Is Still Working

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Why would I be telling you to throw away an appliance that is working perfectly? Well if your refrigerator was manufactured before 1993 it is sucking energy at an amazing pace. It sounds crazy, and it may still be running like a charm, but replacing it can save up to $200 per year on your energy bills. Newer models are simply much more efficient and use less energy to get the same cooling results.  Recent improvements in insulation and compressor technology allow for the savings without sacrificing any of the features you want.  The savings alone would pay for the new unit after a few years, plus you’d be getting rid of that eyesore that currently resides in your kitchen.

Recycle Refrigerator

Also note that putting the old model in the garage to house your beer and other frozen foods that will likely never be eaten isn’t reducing your carbon footprint either. Please don’t toss your hold refrigerator into the landfill. Some local utilities will come and pick it up free of charge, and may even give some sort of rebate. Check the DSIRE database for information about utility rebates and incentives in your area.  According to Energy Star, of the 170 million refrigerator/freezers currently in use in the United States, 60 million are over 10 years old, and are costing 4.7 billion dollars per year in energy costs.


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