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We power our mobile devices each day, and for some of us power users, multiple times per day. If you’re like me, you likely plug your phone and other peripherals in over night as well. The problem here is that most chargers continue to use draw power even after the devices have been completely charged. The Belkin Conserve Valet lets you charge all your devices in one convenient location and automatically shuts off after charging the devices for 4 hours. The unique system keeps cords neat and tidy.

Belkin Conserve Valet Angle

My first visual cues with this device led me to believe it was some sort of wireless charging station. While this isn’t the case, this product is a hybrid charger and cable management system set at a $29 price point. Up to 4 devices can be charged simultaneously, and there is an activation button at the top of the unit. Three charging USB ports are located at the rear of the unit, and a single USB port is found along the right side. A power cable connects the back of the Valet to the wall socket. Measuring 6.25 x 8.5 x 2.25 inches this product is likely too big for travel, but would work nicely on a bed stand or countertop. The Valet ships with both a mini and micro USB cables.

Belkin Conserve Valet Side

The top surface is angled, and easily holds three devices. A raised lip around its edges keeps charging items from from sliding off. This surface is a little slick for my taste, and I would have liked to see a rubber material used here to keep devices from moving around. One thing to think about is that most of today’s devices draw very little power once fully charged. In all reality, one likely wouldn’t be saving much on electricity. The value here becomes one of aesthetics and cable management. A $10 USB hub could do the same job as the Valet, but this device just works better in a home or office setting where you don’t want cables running all over the place.

Belkin Conserve Valet Back


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