5 Ways Las Vegas Nightclubs Can Save Money On Utility Bills

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The Las Vegas nightlife scene continues to become more and more extravagant each year. They bring the most popular DJs from around the world, install ridiculous lighting and LED technologies, and blast music so loud no one can talk let alone think. Even with massive utility inefficiencies in electricity and heating and cooling, fans and partiers continue to flock to these nightclubs. Just for fun we teamed up with No Cover Nightclubs and decided to present a list of ways Las Vegas nightclubs could be more efficient and save money on their massive utility bills.
Nightclub Energy Lights
1. Tone down the ridiculous lighting. Seriously nightclubs, people can barely see with all the strobes and moving lights. How much is too much? Doubling the amount of lights beaming down onto the dance floor makes you that much better? Those high intensity lighting rigs suck loads of electricity, and don’t even get me started on the giant LED screens that are literally multiple stories high. I doubt they are energy star compliant.
Blade Ceiling Fans
2. Install ceiling fans. Las Vegas is located in the middle of the desert and consistently sees temperatures above 100 degrees even at night. These massive nightlife venues spend thousands of dollars keeping the temperatures cool for their guests. Any easy fix would be to install ceiling fans throughout the club to help circulate the air and reduce air conditioning costs. An alternative fix could be to install go go dancers that are constantly using handheld fans. Using fans will also help distribute confetti throughout the club.
Nightclub Speakers
3. Turn down the volume. Most clubs have multiple rooms each with their own DJ and music systems. These systems are state-of-the-art and could easily be used for a concert. Of course the music is played as loud as possible so that when everyone leaves the club they can’t hear for hours and have a constant ringing in their ears. Those amps run all night long powering the music, and they consume tons of electricity. We suggest turning down the volume to save power which will benefit the guests as well. They will actually be able to converse inside the club and enjoy themselves and might still have some of their hearing by the time they’re 37.
Open Air Nightclub
3. Close off club venues that open to the outdoors. Nightclubs that have indoor and outdoor transitions are extremely wasteful. Think how hard the air conditioning is working to keep the inside room cool when a large portion of it is leaking to the outdoors. Extremely inefficient.
Propane Heater
4. Place outdoor heaters appropriately. Most nightclubs that have outdoor areas that are still open during the winter months, and it does get cold outside. Their solution to keep guests comfortable is to plop propane heaters down next to the tables. The problem is they are not strategically placed. Some areas have too much heat while in others the guests are still freezing. This just leads to wasted gas and uncomfortable guests. By implementing a simple energy audit and mapping out the club layout with the potential of the lamps, the venues could be much more efficient with their propane heater use.
bottle service ice bucket
5. So much ice. Whether for drinks at the bar or for the bowls at the tables for bottle service, each nightclub goes through tons and tons of ice each night. The clubs should have their ice making machines tuned each year to make sure they are running efficiently. We would also like to see the bussers stop being so aggressive on bringing new bowls of ice. It becomes so wasteful.

Obviously none of these ideas will ever be implemented but it’s fun to poke fun at the industry none the less.


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