I Solved Fighting With My Girlfriend Using A Motion Sensor

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About a year ago my girlfriend moved into my house with me. We had been dating for 2 years, and it was time to take the next step. Our married friends warned us there would be a handful of things that got on each other’s nerves as we became accustomed to living with another person. We are both pretty easy going people and found that there was not much that we would fight or bicker about once we got settled in. That was until I noticed she kept leaving the light on in our laundry room.

I grew up being an electricity conscious person mostly because my mother ingrained into in our heads that we needed to watch our actions to keep the utility bills down each month. If we left a light on in a room we weren’t using she would always call us out and make sure we turned it off. This habit has carried over into my everyday life even in adulthood. So when my girlfriend moved in, it was driving me crazy when I would come home from work to find no one in the laundry room with the light left on. It was no big deal at first as I would simply ask and remind her to turn it off, but she kept forgetting. It wasn’t a priority for her, and it was getting under my skin.

The more I reminded her about it, the more she felt like I was nagging her. It became annoying and led to awkward standoffs. While it may seem like a harmless action that wasn’t wasting a lot of electricity or costing much each month, to me it was more of a point and something I cared about in MY house. I finally got smart and came up with a simple, effective, and eco-friendly solution. I installed a simple motion sensor light switch.

This baby works like a charm automatically turning the lights on in the room when we entered, and turned them off after we left. The unit is also smart enough to detect daylight in a room and switch lights on only when necessary. Another great feature is vacancy mode. This setting allows you to manually turn the lights on when you enter a room and the sensor automatically turns the lights off when the room is vacant. The best thing is I win because the light is no longer left on, and we don’t have to squabble about the issue anymore.


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