Do You Know These 8 Solar Lighting Facts?

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Whether to light up a pathway in your front yard, or brighten an empty parking lot, solar lighting has a plethora of applications.  It’s known that solar lighting has its advantages over historic lighting systems being a renewable lighting technology that simply runs off the sun, but did you know all of this?

1. All solar lights are “wireless”. They can operate on their own and don’t need to be connected to any external power supplies.

2. They produce zero pollution and avoid any harmful environment effects.

3. Being mobile, they can be used for temporary applications such as fairs, mines, construction sites, and sporting events.

4. Solar lighting is immune to electrical grid power outages.

5. Being powered by the sun and lacking the need for any moving parts, solar-powered lighting is virtually maintenance free.

6. They provide enhanced security in areas that are remote or poorly lit with limited access to the grid power.

7. Solar lights work at night and on cloudy days. They charge during the daylight and have long-life batteries that store energy until needed. Some brands can store energy for up to 5 days.

8. Once installed the energy is free!

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