No Cost Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

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We are all looking for ways to save money each month. With the help of NV Energy, Utility Tips has compiled a list of simple things that can be done at home that can save up to 10-25% on your monthly energy bills. The best part is they don’t cost a penny.

  • When appliances and lights are not in use make sure to turn them off. Most commonly people let their computers run all day, and they consume quite a bit of electricity.
  • During the winter season, set the thermostat to 68 degrees while you’re home, and then back to 55 – 68 degrees when leaving the house.
  • During the cold months, open window coverings on the sunny side of your home and utilize the heat from the sun. Close the coverings on cloudy days and in the evening right when the sun sets.
  • During the summer, set the thermostat to 78-80 degrees when your home is occupied, and 5 to 10 degrees warmer at night or when you’re not home. Consider a smart thermostat that learns your habits and schedule. The unit pays for itself in about 2 years on energy savings alone, and can be accessed from your mobile device as well.
  • In the warm months, close blinds and drapes during the day to keep the sun’s heat out.
  • Use major appliances like your dishwasher, washer, dryer, and cook as late in the evening as possible.
  • Make sure to barbecue outdoors. Doing so will reduce the load on your AC and keep your home’s interior cool.
  • Reduce the time your swimming pool pump runs by using pool trippers. 8 – 12 hours per day is sufficient.
  • Lower the temperature of your water heater to 120 degrees.
  • Close or seal the floor vents during the winter.
  • Once per month vacuum the coils underneath and behind your refrigerator. These coils need air space to run efficiently. (See how a refrigerator works)
  • While at home wear extra clothes during the winter and less clothes during the summer.
  • On refrigerators and freezers keep the seals (gaskets) clean to reduce air leakage.
  • Keep your freezer as full as possible. You can place containers or plastic bottles filled with water in the empty spaces.
  • Make sure food is cool and covered before it goes into the refrigerator.
  • Run full loads in your washer and dryer, and use a clotheslines or air drying.
  • When the dishwasher choose the energy saver option and allow the dishes to air dry.
  • If your A/C unit is on the ground, keep the area around it clean and free of obstructions to maintain air flow.
  • Unplug your televisions/Bluray/DVR/game console when you’re on vacation. Most new sets draw power even when they’re turned off.
  • Keep lights and lighting fixtures clean, especially if you’re reducing the number of lights you use. Dirt absorbs light. Let lights cool before cleaning them and never touch halogen bulbs with your bare hands. The oil from your skin can greatly damage the bulbs. Use a paper towel to hold the bulb.
  • If your dishwasher has a filter, keep it clean.
  • Keep the reflectors underneath the burners on stove-tops clean.

Give these a try for a few months and see how much you can save.


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