How To Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

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When the temperatures start to rise most people’s first instinct is to simply turn on the air conditioner.  This isn’t a bad thing, but it will cause the electric bill to increase, and depending where you live, increase drastically.  I think most of us would enjoy a similar cooling effect without dropping a stack of cash on our energy bills.  This tip uses changes in pressure resulting from wind to help cool your interior rooms.

Every house pretty much has four sides.  There is always one side that is facing the sun and one side that is isn’t (receives shade cover).   Similarly. there is typically a wind facing side and the opposite side that does not receive wind.  One would usually think that on a breezy day to open the windows on the windy side of the house.  We are suggesting the complete opposite.  Go ahead and close the windows on the sunny/windy and open the windows on the cool/shady side of the house.
Open Window AC
Depending on the wind direction and which windows you have open, you are able to change the pressure within your house.  If you open the windows on the windy side, warm air blows in, and may or may not exit depending on what other windows are open.  By opening the windows on the cool/shady side of the house we are removing warm air out through differences in pressure, and drawing in cooler air from the cool/shady side.

Give this method a try.  While it may not work extremely well in the middle of the summer, it can be amazing during the spring and fall months, or at dusk.  Results will obviously vary on the strength of the wind, but it may just be a perfect solution to save on that electric bill.


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