Build Your Own Emergency Survival Water Purification System

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When it comes to natural disasters or emergency situations, you can never be too prepared. An earthquake, flood, or act of terrorism could contaminate your drinking water system, potentially leaving your house without safe water for an extended period of time. Build yourself a survival/emergency water purification system using Black Berkey Filter Elements that can easily be stored in a basement or pantry. Construction is simple. Get free food-grade containers at bakeries and food stores, spigots at or local hardware stores, and Berkey BB9-2 Black Purification Elements.

This system will filter and help purify dirty water, removing most germs, VOC’s, heavy metals, and other nastiness from lakes, streams, puddles, and other sources of water (unless extremely polluted or poisonous). It can also be used on a daily basis to purify your tap water. Check out the video below for the simple construction steps.


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