I Want To Live In A Tiny House, And I’m Not Ashamed

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If you’ve ever lived in a studio apartment, and then a house, you realize there is a big difference between the two. One gives you cramped spaces, the other gives you a “livable” plot. Problem is, I disagree. I want to live in a Tiny House. If you don’t know what a Tiny House is, it’s basically a miniature house, somewhere in the range of 100-300 square feet in size. It’s mobile, and small enough to put on a custom trailer.

I’ve been going through a minimizing phase in my life. I moved from a 3 bedroom house, into a two bedroom apartment, one of which I hardly ever set foot in. When I moved, I got rid of about 75% of my possessions. After having that happen, I realized I didn’t really miss any of the 75% I left behind. It made me wonder, “Can I live with less?”. I think the answer is yes.

Tiny Home

I want to live in a Tiny House for multiple reasons. One, the ecological footprint I would be making is much smaller, with less appliances, less power used, and just less STUFF. Two, I already don’t have much material possessions anymore, so forcing myself to get rid of more would really “cleanse” my life. I think it would make my day to day much simpler. Another reason, is the cost of Tiny Houses. The total cost of a Tiny House, which you can move ANYWHERE you want, is between thirty and eighty thousand dollars. Much less than your typical standard house. Did I mention you could move the house anywhere you want? You get a new job in Florida? Put that thing on the hitch and get moving!

I don’t need a lot of space in my home. I live in an 1100 square foot apartment, and I probably utilize 35% of it. The rest is wasted space. With all the genius construction and decorating ideas in the space saving, Tiny House Movement, I think I would be just fine in a 240 square foot dwelling. You can live a very normal life in a Tiny House, and I think there is a big misconception that everything changes. I think the only thing that changes is if you feel claustrophobic, you step outside for a few.

Tiny House Stairs

This isn’t a mid life crisis, this is an “I know what I want” awakening. I don’t need material things to show people who I am, and a Tiny House is just the next step in realizing that belief.

Written By: Tony Cress


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