G-pod Shipping Container Home Is The Ultimate Transformer

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The internet and social media has recently spread a lot of interesting articles and photos on homes made from shipping containers. A brilliant idea as they are cheap, durable, and readily available. I was blown away seeing how people have been customizing these highly mobile living units in amazing ways. Then I was introduced to G-pod. A company based in Australia and Hong Kong has introduced a fully sustainable shipping container home with expandable living areas.

G-Pod Shipping Home

The Dwell unit is described as “an architecturally designed, relocatable home with a focus on environmental sustainability and impeccable build quality”. As you seen in the video, the unit is easy to setup and can be loaded onto a truck and relocated with ease. G-pod says ‘unpack’ and ‘pack up’ times are around 3 hours. The living space has multiple pull-out and fold-down sections, including a covered deck. These sections can all be maneuvered manually, and nearly triples the size of the living space.

G-Pod Bedroom

Operational spaces include a kitchen, dining area, bathroom, bed, couch, study nook, and laundry area. Sustainability is accomplished through a solar and battery system, composting toilets, and a rainwater collection system. The home is capable of running for up to three days without sunlight, and the roof of the unit can be converted to grow food.

G-Pod Kitchen

The G-pod Dwell is production now, and pricing starts at $50,000. With a unit like this, you could easily be living anywhere a shipping container can go.

G-Pod Bathroom

G-Pod Living Room
If you were to live in this home where would be the ultimate spot to take it? Tell us in the comments below.


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