Why Your Laundry Room Is The Coldest Room In Your House

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You have probably noticed that your laundry room is always colder than every other room in your house. Ever stopped to wonder why? Your clothes dryer is connected to a 4 inch diameter duct used for exhaust. During the winter months cold air leaks in through unsealed locations where this duct meets the exterior of your home, through the duct itself, and even through the dryer while the air you pay to heat slips right outside.

Go outside on a cold day and put your hand by the dryer vent. You can feel the warm air leaking out and it represents a substantial loss of energy. On top of that, many discharge vents use a primitive sheet metal flapper to try and prevent air leakage. These devices do not make a very good seal to stop escaping and air, and are also prone to staying open when they cog with lint from the dyer. It can be comparable to leaving a window open! Making matters worse, during the summer months your dryer vent is likely letting hot air in.

UtilityTips.com is always on the lookout for new and innovative energy conservation products and techniques. We located a dryer vent seal that will reduce unwanted air infiltration and will also keep out pests, bees, and rodents as well.

So what exactly is a dryer vent seal? It easily mounts on the exterior of your home. It uses a floating shuttle that allows warm air, lint, and moisture to escape while the dryer is in use, and closes itself automatically when the dryer is turned off. Keep heating and cooling bills down with this easy DIY device. Product manufacturers say implementing this device an lower your home’s heating costs by up to 10%


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