Ensure Your Kids Grow Up Being Energy Conscious

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We’ve gotten so used to having electricity available instantaneously at any time for any application that’s it’s something we take for granted. As our population continues to grow the demand for electricity will follow in stride. With limitations on resources, being energy conscious will be more important than ever. As parents it is our responsibility to ensure that our children are aware of energy use and have learned the proper habits to be resourceful with electricity.

It’s Never Too Early To Begin Educating.

While children won’t grasp the concepts surrounding greenhouse gas emissions or efficiency models, they are extremely intelligent and intuitive. Begin by applying the ideas of “waste not, want not” and to be mindful of their activities. Direct their habits by teaching them to switch off lights and fans when they move from a room, close the refrigerator door, or turn off the bathroom water while brushing their teeth. They may seems like small steps, but they will be habits for a lifetime.

As children become older consider talking to them about fossil fuels, the cost of utilities, and how their actions can affect the big picture. Introduce them to renewable energy technologies and discuss ways they can adjust their own lifestyles choices.

Lead By Example

Parents are their children’s role models. There is no way around it. From trying to use cell phones to mimicking the things we say, our kids will allows do what we do. As parents it is critical that we are cognitive of our actions. Whether it is recycling daily products or taking shorter showers, it only makes sense to practice what we preach.

Involve The Family

Getting everyone involved makes the energy conscious effort more organic, and don’t be afraid to make it fun. Challenge your children to come up with ways to save energy around the house. Allow them to take on tasks and responsibilities and it will make them feel more “grown up”. Promise a reward such as a family picnic or outing if they complete their tasks, or if the family manages to meet an energy consumption goal. In their free time allow them to explore the games, activities, stories, and videos at the Kid Energy Zone website.

Electrical Cord

Electricity-Free Hour

Each week require an electricity-free hour where everyone in the family has to switch off their phones, tablets, TVs, and laptops to spend some quality time together. Consider reading stories, exploring a local park, playing board games, or simply sharing the happenings of the week. Teach your kids the wonders of life outside of the connected world, and let them explore nature.

The habits you teach your children will be with them for a lifetime, and will likely be passed on to their children as well. You will know you are succeeding when your son or daughter calls you out for leaving the light on in the laundry room.


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