5 Ways To Maximize Natural Light in Your Home

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While it may seem that you are limited by the number of windows that let sunlight into your home, there are some tricks to get more natural light without having to plan a major remodel. The following are 5 simple ways to take advantage of your current home and use more natural light to your advantage.

Strategically place a mirror on the wall across from or adjacent to a window. By doing so, the mirror will mimic the window and give the appearance of having more windows. Windows placed on the opposite wall will reflect light and the view from the actual window.

Reflective Surfaces
Place objects that have reflective surfaces in positions that can bounce light around and give the impression of greater illumination when windows are limited. Examples could be reflective materials used in a back splash, the surface of your coffee table, or strategic artwork.

Reflective Backsplash

Don’t Block It
Instead of decorating with light-blocking window treatments, go for translucent shades that provide the privacy you require while also letting light into the room. Most offer a soft glow of light that adds to the ambiance of the room.

Ceiling Paint
We want the ceilings to be a little lighter than the walls. Makes sure to use matte paint. It’s not reflective like glossy, but is the best choice for reflecting natural light.

Cleanup Time
Make sure to keep all windows, bulbs, and lighting fixtures are clean so that light has the most potential to fill any room.

What other ideas are out there to help illuminate a challenged room?


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